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Brasscup Washers

Hampton Works manufacture a range of standard items for the electrical & electronic industries; clamp washers, cable sockets, solder tags cup washers & standard terminals. We produce the pressings you require to the highest standards of accuracy, in aluminum, brass, steel, phosphur bronze, tin plate, even silver gold & nylon in a variety of finishes.
round rings
Item Ref. Inside Diameter Inside Depth Width of Gap Gauge Suitable Insert Washer
CG88BA 6.35mm
1.19mm 3/64" 3.97mm 5/32" 0.45mm .018" BS.57 8BA LARGE
CG66BA 7.62mm
1.59mm 1/16" 4.76mm 3/16" 0.70mm .028" BS.57 6BA LARGE
CG55BA 7.62mm
1.59mm 1/16" 4.76mm 3/16" 0.70mm .028" 9/32" X 5BA
CG44BA 7.62mm
1.59mm 1/16" 4.76mm 3/16" 0.70mm .028" 9/32" X 4BA
CG33BA 9.52mm
2.38mm 3/32" 5.56mm 7/32" 0.70mm .028" BS.57 3BA SMALL
CG22BA 11.11mm
1.59mm 1/16" 7.94mm 5/16" 0.70mm .028" BS.57 2BA SMALL
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